Courtney’s Mosaic Experience

11 Jul

Courtney Tharp shares her Mosaic experience.


Marcos’ Mosaic Experience

11 Jul

Marcos Vargas shares his Mosaic experience.

Mosaic Workshop 2010 Slide Show

10 Jul

A slide show of the 2010 Mosaic Workshop. Produced by Magali Guthier.

Mosaic 2010 staff photo

10 Jul

The 2010 Mosaic Staff photo, taken @ San Jose State University.

OK Go! by Kevin Flores

10 Jul

An extraordinary image of rock band OK Go! captured by Mosaic staffer Kevin Flores, during the 2010 Left Coast Live Festival.

Mosaic Moment

10 Jul

This is my favorite image of Mosaic: Students crowding around editor Elliott Almond for a goodbye group hug after the awards banquet. I think the look on Elliott’s face says it all.

Teen Drinking = Not a Good Look

10 Jul

In eighth grade I was introduced to the world of bad influences.

Wherever I went, my friends, my classmates, and my community were the ones who never afraid to go under the influence. For five years I have only known people who drink, party, and smoke.

From what I have witnessed, teen substance abuse is an ugly thing. I’ve had my best friend come to my house in the middle of the night, crying because she thought she was molested but couldn’t remember because she was too drunk. They partied every weekend and made it their goal to “have fun.”

There was never a limit for them. They acted promiscuously, tacky, and rowdy. They, as well as every other teenager who drinks made it the cool thing to get drunk and hung over. Because they couldn’t have fun sober, they restored to alcoholic entertainment like hosting “beer pong” tournaments.

But the best part is seeing them take pictures of their parties and friends holding beer cups in their hand and posting them all over Facebook.

I hate every little aspect about drinking. It makes a young adult look like a foolish child and it strips them of their eloquence and intelligence they were born to have.

Teen substance abuse is not a right of passage, it is not way to have fun, and it is dangerous.

Now, parents are acting more as enablers, teenagers use fake IDs, and others have endless amount of resources.

From where I live, these kids create pictures of themselves as super cool and popular people. Personas I find annoying because they restrict their ideals in their own little bubble.

Underage drinkers don’t consider that they are only hurting themselves physically and mentally. There is a chance for future alcohol addiction and dependency for current drinkers.

They attack their kidneys and brain. By drinking underage, they hinder their brain’s growth, which isn’t fully developed until their twenties.

Moreover, most teens overlook the fatal consequences of drinking; drunk driving being one of them.

At my school, the Students Against Drunk Driving Club puts on a fake display of what could happen when you drink and drive. The two day event causes many students to become emotional and take things more seriously.

But a week later, some of those same people are partying and drinking.

Drinking also causes unsafe sexual behavior, thoughts of suicide, and failure in academic performance. The same friend of mine who was too drunk to remember anything is also struggling with her performance in sports.                                                                       Entering her fourth year as a softball varsity player, my friend showed excellence in the field and at school. She entered high school unstoppable and was at her prime. However, when she began to drink, she played less and less on the field. It got to the point where her parents and her coach were getting involved.

Riding on softball scholarships, she is ruining her chance to play for college and ultimately, the rest of her softball career.

Teen drinking is spreading from school to school and community to community as more kids go to parties that can’t function without the fuel of alcohol. Teenagers act like complete fools and as people who aren’t ready to be adults.

They can’t control their change in personality, judgment, and actions, leading to who knows what.

Underage drinking needs to be controlled more. Through public groups or school clubs, alcohol consumption is closer to being sustainable. Communities can come together to work to control the sale of alcohol to teens.

– Jilian Salas